Pray for Haiti

Let’s all spend a few minutes of our day praying for the people of Haiti. We all know what happened to their country. A 7.0 magnitude tremor killed thousands of people and destroyed hundreds of homes. *sigh* After the terror that brought by the typhoon Ondoy, I can’t help but shiver whenever I hear another natural calamity. Trauma?

But God’s word takes away all my fears. Our Father is the Creator of the universe! Yes,the universe-making God who calms a raging storm! Why should I be afraid?

Aftershocks rattled the city as women covered in dust clawed out of debris, wailing. Stunned people wandered the streets holding hands. Thousands gathered in public squares long after nightfall, singing hymns.

It was clear tens of thousands lost their homes and many perished in collapsed buildings flimsy and dangerous even under normal conditions.

“The hospitals cannot handle all these victims,” Dr. Louis-Gerard Gilles, a former senator, said as he helped survivors. “Haiti needs to pray. We all need to pray together.”