Daily Bread

I am truly humbled by this verse. 🙂 Most of the time even if we don’t admit it, we’re asking God of the things we want rather than the things we need. This urge to strive more in order to gain more is rooted in us. God gives us a bunggalo but we really want a mansion. He gives us a small and humble backyard but we want a swimming pool. He gives us an honest and decent paying job but we’re asking Him to put us in the spotlight. Well, it’s not really bad to ask for more from God, but the question is, do we really need what we ask for? God is so wise.  We can only see a pixel of our lives but God can see the WHOLE PICTURE. He knows what’s good for us. Though He gives us what we don’t deserve which is called “grace”,but He will not give us what we don’t need. Everything He does is for the completion of his perfect plan. 🙂 So, if God gives you a mansion, it’s not because you’re rich! He gives it for you to share His grace and love to hundreds of needy people everyday:-). The mansion is not yours to keep, it’s for His glory 🙂

Everyday, let our prayers be, “Lord give us our daily bread.”